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[BRRip] Master Ji Gong (2021) Italiano Torrent

[ITA] Master Ji Gong (2021) Torrent


Master Ji Gong Animation, Adventure, Fantasy | 93min | September 22, 2021 (United States) 6.3
Director: Qiao YuWriter: Ting ZhangSummary: In Yongning Village at the foot of Chicheng Mountain, mischievous young Li Xiuyuan wants to become a hero. Unfortunately though, his various attempts to help his sick mother and prove himself to the villagers only seem to backfire. One day, following a perilous encounter, Xiuyuan learns that he is in fact the reincarnation of the great hero Dragon Slaying Luohan. He also discovers that his father once protected him by stealing a sacred golden artefact for the evil Jin Ling. As his powers begin to awaken, Xiuyuan finally knows what he has to do to become a true hero.


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È un’avventura fantasy animata cinese del 2021 diretta da Liu Zhijiang e Qiao Yu.

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